Velvet Mystique

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Imagine yourself walking the halls of an old English manor house, only candlelight guiding your way, its flickering flame casting shadows that dance with secrets untold. Velvet Mystique unveils a tapestry of scents, blending the intoxicating essence of Black Iris and Velvet Rose with the deep allure of Plum and Orris. As the fragrance unfolds, whispers of Peony and Violet mingle with the intrigue of Leather and Patchouli, while the warmth of Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean envelops the senses. Musk lingers in the air, a lingering reminder of the mystery that cloaks every moment spent in its captivating glow. Light this candle and surrender to the seductive embrace of Velvet Mystique, where romance and mystery intertwine in a tantalizing dance.

Fragrance notes: Black Iris, Plum, Velvet Rose, Orris, Peony, Violet, Leather, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean, Musk

Adorned with Amethyst crystals 

 Size 10oz, 283g

  •  Crafted with 100% Natural Coconut Apricot Creme Wax  
  • Vegan
  • Clean Burning
  • Phthalate and Paraben free
  • Eco-Friendly ingredients
  • Non-Toxic fragrance 
  • Natural and Sustainable cotton wick
  • Reusable vessels
  • Up to 55+ hours of burn time in 10 oz candles