Inspired by the things and places we love.

Our candles are hand-poured and clean burning. Crafted with care and using natural, eco-friendly ingredients, all of our luxurious fragrance products are made in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

“Few humans see fairies or hear their music, but many find fairy rings of dark grass, scattered with toadstools, left by their dancing feet.” ― Judy Allen, Fantasy Encyclopedia

Fairy Garden: Green Bamboo, Moss, Fern and Wild Violet

Immerse yourself in the ethereal essence of a mystical woodland as delicate notes of sweet violets dance with the earthy green freshness of fern and moss, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a hidden fairy sanctuary. 

Fragrance Notes: Fern, Orange Peel, Eucalyptus, Green Bamboo, Rose, Wet Grass, Moss, Galbanum, Geranium, Wild Violet

The Bonfire Candle

Ignite your senses and immerse yourself in the mystique of incense, oud, and frankincense, enveloping your space with a rich and smoky allure

Clean + Natural + Beautiful

Not all candles are made the same, we choose to be better.

Candles and home fragrance you can feel good about.
  • Luxurious all-natural coco apricot creme wax  
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Clean burning
  • Phthalate and Paraben free fragrance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural and sustainable cotton or wooden wicks
  • Ethically sourced crystals
  • No animal testing or products
  • Reusable vessels